Mine Kafon - Deminer

Sometimes you come across these great projects that touch your heart instantly. This is one of them. Massoud tells a touching story about his childhood and integrates it in his final graduation project at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

During his childhood in Afghanistan, Massoud Hassani would make miniature models to be blown by the wind. Sometimes they would end up in a minefield, where he could not retrieve them.
Twenty years later, he went back to his childhood and made those toys all over again. “I remade one of those objects, 20 times bigger, heaver and stronger. It is powered by the wind and it’s designed specifically for clearing mind fields.”
The Mine Kafon - Deminer is made of bamboo and biodegradable plastics and has also a GPS chip integrated into it, so you can follow its steps on the website. Now if it rolls over a land mine, it will destroy itself and the landmine at the same time.

The Mine Kafon has recently been added to the MOMA collection.

(via @nrc and thx pdh :)

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